What Kind of Color Temperature to Use in an Office

For a user of lights it is confusing what color temperature they should specify for their office environment. I will try to shed some light at the psychology and the technology as well as make some recommendations to aid the decision as to what color temperature to choose for an office environment. I try to […]

Why You Need to Change to Xenon Headlights

Perhaps you have been driving at night and discovered that some cars had brighter but softer headlights than yours and wondered what those were. If you have asked yourself without an answer, you need to be informed that you were looking at xenon headlights, the buzzword that is trending among drivers today. Xenon lights are […]

Sunshine And The Need For Electricity

In a few sections of the world we underwrite on an ongoing base the sunshine. We regularly don't understand the peril of the UV radiation and perceiving colder atmosphere nations they truly with entire their heart adore the sun like never before. Truth be told doing a reversal to my own particular home nation, The […]

Building an Energy Efficient Home – Top 10 Tips

Choose an architect who understands low energy efficient house design Be sure that builders are aware of the low energy aim of your house Choose tradespeople that have both knowledge and experience in energy efficiency Remember many architects/builders don’t go beyond minimum building standards and regulations but minimum isn’t the most efficient. Minimize Your Heat […]

Conserving Energy Starts With Simplicity

People all over the world are going green and doing their part in helping to preserve the environment. It is important to keep Mother Nature flourishing so we can provide our children and grandchildren with a plentiful atmosphere. Healing mother nature is a big project that cannot be done overnight, and cannot be completed by […]

How Does a Solar Kettle Function?

One of the less conventional solar oven devices is a solar kettle. These kettles fall within the category of a solar cooker and although more renowned for heating liquids, in certain instances can be used to cook food as well. Wikipedia describes these devices as „solar thermal devices that can heat water to boiling point […]

An Untapped Reservoir of Renewable Energy – What is Solar Energy?

The most exact definition of Solar Energy is plainly the energy from the sun. It is a term used to classify the electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun and tapped by the Earth. It is the world’s most enduring and reliable Reservoir of energy and the most ample. The uses on earth include solar […]

LED There Be Light With LED Flood Lights

Flood lights are a great means for any homeowner to illuminate an outdoor space for security reasons by deterring intruders or simply as an outdoor lighting feature for outdoor parties and pool lighting. Most times, they are also used as a means of accentuating key architectural features of a building. Flood lights can be classified […]

How Do You Choose The Best LED Area Lights?

The many benefits of LED lighting have made many people switch to LED light in businesses and homes. They are money saving and have plenty of other benefits too. But whether you are going for LED parking lot lights or LED area lights, there are things you must remember to put into consideration so you […]